Escape Room – Questions & Answers

Escape room questions & answers

Q: How long does a escape game last?
Escape Game is of of 60 minutes long

Q: If I can’t escape the Escape Game within 60 minutes, what can I do to finish the escape game?
A: Our team will let you out of the escape room at the end of your one hour session OR You can extend your escape game time at extra cost OR You can book the escape game again at another time.

Q: I can’t find any clue in the escape room, what can I do?
A: Carefully search the escape room again, follow the story line that the staff introduced, put yourself in this character, turning objects upside down in a gentle way, pay attention to detail.  Still cant solve?   Call walkie talkie and use 1 of your 3 escape game clues.

Q: Why it is so dark in the escape room?
A: Silent Lake – Redemption escape game is a completely dark escape room.  The escape room is themed to be somewhere that they used to stay, and you go back to this place after a while, ran out of electricity.  You will be given candle as a light source.

Q: How many times I can ask for help inside the 60 minutes escape game time?
A: You can ask for 3 clues throughout the escape game through walkie talkie.

Q: What happens in case of emergency?
A: You can call our escape room host through the walkie talkie, our escape room host will let you out of the escape room.

Q: What clothing to wear inside the escape room?
A: No high heels, Any casual clothing

Q: Is there an age limit for the escape game?
A: Our escape game has been enjoyed by ages from 7 year olds to 65 year olds. There’s no age limit. However under 13 year olds are recommended to be accompanied by an adult due to strong logic requirements, and dark escape room atmosphere

Q: Is our escape room scary?
A: We dont have anything live to jump out to scare you, completely dark themed escape room creates an atmospheric to suit our escape room theme. However our escape rooms have been experienced from 6-7 Year olds and they really like the escape room. Our main concept is to solve puzzles, and escape the room, and not designed on a basis to solely scare you.

Q: Is it safe?
A: It is very safe. The escape rooms are equipped with surveillance cameras, you can be let out of the escape room in case of emergency or anytime if you call our walkie talkie.

Q: Im pregnant/have physical disability/get claustrophobic, Can I still play?
A: Our escape game involves some crawling, and you need to go back and forth between the escape rooms. Other than that there’s no physical involved. We do not have wheel chair accessibility, you are locked in a room, but you can leave the escape room at anytime if you call our walkie talkie.

Q: What happens if I cant make it to my prebooked session?
A: If you cant make it to your prebooked session, please contact us 24 hours before your escape room booking time, and we can shift you to another time that suits you.