About the game

Our Full mechanical room escape provides a story lined theme for you to escape, you will need to find clues and solve unique puzzles. and try esccaping the room in 60 minutes.

It will give you a good time with family and friends. Team up with 3-8 people and get ready for a challenging experience! Perfect for Team Building, Friends & Family Outgoings, Birthday Party, Kids Party

Opening hours Monday - Thursday 9:00 - 21:00, Friday - Sunday 9:00 - 23:00


You have 60 Minutes to break out of each theme, so use your critical thinking to break out.

You will get 3 clues throughout the game.

If the settings in the room are broken, we will charge you accordingly.
The rooms are equipped with security cameras for your safety. However, you play the game at your own consent and risk.

All children under the age of 13 have to be accompanied by an adult during the game.
In case of an emergency, just call our friendly staff on a walkie-talkie and we will let you out of the room immediately.

Pictures, videos and audios are not allowed during the game, and we will provide you with a locker to save your property.


Silent Lake - Redemption

Suggested Players: 3 - 8

High Tech Full Mechanical Theme Consists of 3 rooms to progress through, surrounded by sound effects and special effects. 80% Puzzles triggered automaticly by something you do.

Mary and James are a married couple. Mary has got illness, James has been looking after her the whole time. But it got to a point that he cant stand her anymore and he drowned her at silent lake. James have got a split personality, the other side of him doesnt know that he drowned her. After the Event, James moved out of silent lake.

After a year, He received a letter, it was from his wife, but she past away a year ago from that terrible illness. So you as James will be coming back to silent lake to check what is going on.

Room is themed to be somewhere they used to stay, completely dark room. You will be given candle as a light source to progress through 3 rooms. You will discover more and more and feel completely involved in the scene as you progress through.  

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